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The Boutique Hotel Torre di Cala Piccola is located in the Argentario, the most fascinating seaside tourist destination on the Tuscan coast. The Argentario is a splendid promontory that overlooks the islands of Giglio and Giannutri and is connected to Tuscany by the sandy isthmuses of Giannella and Feniglia, which border the Orbetello dam. The Argentario is the ideal location for those who love a relaxing experience amidst lush and unrivaled nature, hidden coves and beaches, and breathtaking views.

Feniglia e Giannella

Six kilometers of white sand form an isthmus that connects the Argentario to Orbetello, which lies in front of a forest of pine trees and protected species. Feniglia is a natural beach suitable for the whole family. Giannella, the other stretch of sand that connects the Argentario to Tuscany, is an 8 km beach perfect for sailing sports.

Porto Santo Stefano and Porto Ercole

Filled with small streets, squares, and shops, Porto Santo Stefano and Porto Ercole are ancient seaside villages, positioned like two balconies facing out from the promontory. The first is the seat of the Municipality of Argentario, a picturesque tourist location that was even enjoyed by the inhabitants of Imperial Rome. Porto Ercole is one of the most beautiful villages in Italy, gathered inside the walls at the foot of the Spanish Fortress. The boats and yachts which encircle the village do not disrupt the sweet and familiar atmosphere of the small center, where it is still possible to encounter fishermen with silver hair and nets in their hands.

Small Cove

One of the most exclusive coves of the Argentario, 800 meters from the Boutique Hotel Torre di Cala Piccola, the Cala Piccola always has reserved spaces for our guests. Here you can catch a glimpse of the Scoglio del Corallo, a grandiose reef that rises to the surface from 45 meters deep. The Scoglio del Corallo is much loved by divers and snorkelers.

Golf and Polo

For sports lovers, it will be a real treat to play polo and golf amidst the nature of the Argentario. Guests of the Boutique Hotel Torre di Cala Piccola enjoy privileged access to some of the most exclusive sports centers on the promontory.

The Tuscan Archipelago

The Tuscan Archipelago is a triumph of flourishing nature and crystal-clear waters. Legend has it that the Goddess Venus, emerging from the Tyrrhenian Sea, let seven magnificent pearls of her necklace fall into the sea: Elba, Giglio, Giannutri, Montecristo, Capraia, Pianosa and Gorgona. Mini cruises depart from the Argentario every week to discover these amazing islands.

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