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Trails for exploring Argentario on foot or by bike

Trails for exploring Argentario on foot or by bike

Monte Argentario offers beautiful views of the Tuscan archipelago, a microclimate perfect for savouring the summer season and unparalleled nature, ideal for those who love to pass their holidays trekking.

At the Argentario, lovers of long walks will find the perfect pathways for exploring the more secluded green tracks less travelled by tourists, to relax whilst strolling through the Mediterranean scrub. Not 'just' a blue sea and unforgettable views – this stretch of authentic Tuscany possesses all the characteristics sought after by those wanting to chill out far from the daily hustle and bustle.

There are many beauties to visit: from the nature reserve of Duna Feniglia and the Orbetello lagoon - a WWF oasis - along with the villages of Porto Santo Stefano and Porto d’Ercole. Walking, strolling or trekking on the promontory of Monte Argentario is an enchanting experience.

We recommend meandering along some easy trails to discover the Argentario on foot or by bike, including:

argentario in e-bike

1) The ring from Porto Santo Stefano to Capo d'Uomo

Setting out from the port of Porto Santo Stefano, take the road to the fortress then turn left and climb until you’ve left the town. Continue along the path that becomes narrower as you approach Capo d’Uomo - along the way, you’ll spy the sea and the island of Giglio in the distance. On the return trip, head down through the woods to go back to Porto Santo Stefano. On the right, a couple of kilometres before arrival, is a detour to the Forte del Pozzarello, an alternative route that stretches the walk by about a kilometre.

2) From Porto Santo Stefano to the Convento dei Passionisti

This 15-kilometre route is almost entirely along dirt roads. It starts from the Cala del Pozzarello, 2 kilometres from Porto Santo Stefano, and climbs towards the Costa delle Capanne. Heading downhill, follow the paved road to reach the 18th-century Convento dei Passionisti, a peaceful location from which fantastic views can be admired before crossing the countryside of Porto Ercole.

3) Monte Argentario cycling ring

This long 45-kilometre ride crosses the entire promontory. It is also possible to head out from the Boutique Hotel Torre di Cala Piccola to reach the panoramic road that extends along the entire coast, linking Porto Ercole and Porto Santo Stefano. The route allows you to admire the remains of the many coastal watchtowers. Once having reached Porto Ercole, you can see Forte Stella, Forte Filippo and the Rocca. Continue to Porto Santo Stefano to return to the point of departure. This route is part of our “Argentario in e-bike” offer that includes e-bike rental and environmental hiking guide.

4) Convento dei Passionisti ring — Torre Argentiera by bike

This ride extending some 30 kilometres can also start out from the Boutique Hotel Torre di Cala Piccola. After an initial ascent, the dirt road crosses the countryside, vineyards and Mediterranean scrub until reaching the Croce Monumentale, one of the most beautiful vantage points from where the lagoon of Orbetello and the ayres of Feniglia and Giannella can be seen. Continue downhill towards the Convento dei Passionisti then get back on the road for Torre Argentiera. This route is part of our “Argentario in e-bike” offer that includes e-bike rental and environmental hiking guide.

5) Nature trail to the Duna Feniglia

This route is designed to allow direct contact with nature, even for people with disabilities. There are 15 stations joined by a wooden handrail, with stretches in Braille for discovering the various aspects of the Duna nature reserve and tactile signs to learn about its characteristics. About 850 metres long, it takes around 1.5 hours to complete. The path is located at the entrance of the Feniglia, on the Porto Ercole side.

6) The Camminata dei Rioni

This trekking route is split along the four districts that compete in the Palio Marinaro every 15th August. Departing from Via Spaccabellezze, the trail is about 3.6 kilometres long. Continuing along, you pass above the cemetery and come to a small canyon of sorts. After about 25-30 minutes of walking, you reach a junction. Continue straight until reaching the altimetric peak of the trek. Once at the sign signalling Ronconali, continue right along a descent that leads to the Fortezza, advancing once more towards Via del Forte to then pass by the church of Porto Santo Stefano Protomartire and ending the itinerary in the main piazza.

All trekking or cycling enthusiasts can ask for further details at the Reception. We can also recommend many other trails and pathways for exploring the magnificent Monte Argentario.

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